Classes, tuition and fees

2016-17 school year

Class Bluebirds
Monthly Tuition $365
Ages 2-5 yr old
Student/ Teacher 11/2
Meets Tue & Thu
Class Redbirds
Monthly Tuition $460
Ages 3-5 yr old
Student/ Teacher 15/2
Meets Mon & Wed & Fri
Class Monthly Tuition Ages Student/ Teacher Meets
Bluebirds $365 2-5 yr old 11/2 Tue & Thu
Redbirds $450 3-5 yr old 15/2 Mon & Wed & Fri

Children between the ages of 3 and 5 may choose to attend school 2, 3 or 5 days per week. There is a $200 supply fee per child per school year.

Why mixed-age groupings?

Our experience has shown that a wide age range instills positive, cooperative, and unique experiences for all our students, in addition to providing siblings the opportunity to attend school together. We have found both the “Youngers” and the “Olders” benefit. The Youngers emulate the Olders behavior, so there is overall less conflict and more cooperative play. The Olders take on leadership roles and have noticeable increases in empathy and compassion. The class is small enough for each child to have individual attention from the teachers, and large enough that both Olders and Youngers have plenty of playmates in their respective age group.